The brand Malip was born in 1965 in Putignano in Italy. The brand is famous all over the world wearing children in classic suits for his cleverness important occasions. The concept is to make the children, feeling as small adult, like their parents. The sartorial cutting jacket is guaranteed because the entire production chain is controlled directly in production company.
The warranty and proof of this total control is the service that we offer to our clients: we also produce single garments with measures dictated by the customer. Malip introduces two collections per year: spring-summer in june and autumn-winter in january. Malip enriches his collection even with a detailed choice of accessories and it combines the coordinated suits through the choice of competent combinations of fabrics and colors.
The management style is assigned to our managing director of second generation Patrizio Lippolis who follows all the stages of style and work since 1979.

We are present: FLORENCE PITTI BIMBI 21.23 January 2016
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